Case: Family Violence and Partner Visas

You do not have to stay in an abusive relationship for the purpose of a Partner Visa.

Best Immigration Lawyers take domestic and family violence very seriously. There are legal options if you are experiencing family violence by your sponsoring partner, allowing you to obtain permanent residency through Family Violence Provisions even if your relationship breaks down due. Family violence includes conduct, whether actual or threatened, which causes the victim to reasonably fear for their well-being and safety.

Our team recently assisted a client who held a subclass 820 visa and was experiencing family violence by her Australian partner. In this case, the applicant was in a de facto relationship, holding a subclass 820 visa and consulted our team once the relationship broke down. We first notified the Department of Home Affairs of the change in circumstances. As the applicant had no court orders, we prepared legal submissions for the subclass 801 visa under non-judicial Family Violence provisions.  We were able to successfully argue that our client was the victim of family violence.  With the assistance of our Senior Registered Migration Agents and Senior Registered Migration Lawyers, the case was processed successfully without the need for further assessment by an Independent Assessor. The applicant is now a permanent resident of Australia working towards her Australian citizenship.

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Best Immigration Lawyers is able to navigate the Family Violence provisions. We can help you to construct the strongest legal arguments, so please contact us online or call us on 0292830888 for professional assistance.