Team at Best Immigration Lawyers includes migrant agents and lawyers from the largest firms in Australia who can provide you with simple to understand advice about your best visa option and/or permanent residency.  Whether you want to explore your visa options, apply for a student visa, working visa or want to be sponsor migrants, Best Immigration Lawyers is the right choice. With us, you’ll be able to navigate the stream with confidence until you reach your goal.

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Australian Migration Law is a complex law and process which is not only difficult but also dynamic. The law and procedure that we know today may not be the same tomorrow. An immigration agent is not the same as an immigration lawyer because an immigration lawyer is able to appear and represent you in court should the need arise. This is because to be an immigration lawyer they need to obtain much more qualifications, standards and go through more procedures. So why not have the best representation from the start for the same price. Our immigration lawyers are also immigration agents to equip you with the best service.








Best Immigration Lawyers is up to date on all recent developments which has potential effects on your visa application or end goal.  Our expertise in navigating through the rivers of migration laws and procedure makes our service comforting to your important and exciting process.

  • We make it look easy for you, and explain it in concise language.
  • We do it step-by-step, one sure step at a time.
  • We make sure you understand what we’re talking about.
  • We make you focus on your application, not the complexity of the process!

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We are committed to create urgent solutions for your questions on Australian immigration law and the process, so you get to advance. Composed of a dedicated team of registered migration agents and lawyers in Parramatta and Sydney. You will never see what may be seen as complicated visa application processes, IELTS and assessment requirements, sponsorship and nomination concerns, temporary and permanent residency as complex. Call Best Immigration Lawyers at 0292830888 or email us at to talk to one of our experienced lawyers and migration agent for a free initial consultation.

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