What is the 186 Visa?

186 Visa is a permanent residency visa for people who have an occupation that is on the relevant skilled occupation list and who are nominated by an Australian employer. Once granted, you can live, study and work in Australia permanently. You can be in or outside Australia when applying and when it is granted.

The 186 Visa has three streams;

  1. Direct Entry Stream
  2. Labour Agreement Stream
  3. Temporary Residence Transition Stream.

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Am I eligible to apply for the 186 Visa?

What are the requirements of the 186 Visa? You may be eligible if you meet the following requirements

  • you are nominated by an Australian employer whose business is lawfully and actively operating.
  • you have an occupation that is on the relevant list of eligible skilled occupations.
  • You meet the relevant skill level for your nominated occupation
  • you are under 45 of age.
  • you do not have any previous visa cancellations and have complied with conditions of your previous visa.
  • you meet health and character requirements.
  • you meet competent English requirements.

Competent English Evidence Requirements

You can demonstrate that you have functional English language if you meet one of the following requirements:

  • hold a valid passport issued by the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand or the Republic of Ireland
  • in the 3 years before you apply for the visa, you scored one of the following:
    • IELTS: At least 6 for each of the 4 components
    • TOEFL iBT: At least 12 for listening, 13 for reading, 21 for writing and 18 for speaking
    • PTE Academic: At least 50 for each of the 4 components
    • Occupational English Test (OET): At least B for each of the 4 components
    • Cambridge C1 Advanced test: At least 169 in each of the 4 components


What are the benefits of the 186 Visa?

With the Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa you can

  • live, work and study in Australia permanently
  • Sponsor eligible relatives to come to Australia
  • Travel to and from Australia for 5 years
  • Enrol in Australian public healthcare system
  • Apply for Australian citizenship if you are eligible


What are the costs of the 186 Visa?

The Department of Home Affairs visa cost of the Employer Nomination Scheme Visa is AUD $4,045. The costs of health checks and police certificates are excluded.


Processing Time

The Department of Home Affairs assesses applications on a case-by-case basis and processing time can vary from 4 to 8 months. Completing application with necessary documents, responding to any requests quickly and providing required information can help expedite the process. That is why it is important to use professional assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Temporary Residence Transition stream of the Employer Nomination Scheme Visa?

The Temporary Residence Transition stream is suitable for you if you are in Australia on a 457, TSS or related Bridging A, B or C visa and have worked on a full time basis for at least a 2 or 3 year period (depending on when your visa was granted) while holding a subclass 457 or TSS visa.

What is the Direct Entry stream of Employer Nomination Scheme Visa?

The Direct Entry stream is suitable for you if you have an occupation that is on the list of eligible skilled occupations, have a relevant skills assessment in your nominated occupation and have a minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience.

What is the Labour Agreement Stream of Employer Nomination Scheme Visa?

The Labour Agreement Stream is suitable for you if you are currently working for your nominating employer who is a party to a labour agreement.

What roles are on the 186 Visa occupation list?

Occupation list changes on a continuous basis so please contact Best Immigration Lawyers to find out if you are eligible or not.


Why choose Best Immigration Lawyers for your 186 visa?

Australia’s immigration laws are complex and ever-changing. It can be challenging to discern the appropriate pathways to get the best possible outcome. Our immigration lawyers and registered migration agents have significant amounts of training, expertise, and experience working with this type of visa. We will be able to streamline the process for both your Australian employer and yourself to ensure applications are submitted to the Department as decision-ready, call us on 0292830888

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