What is the 189 Visa?

New Zealand Stream of the 189 Visa is a permanent residency visa for New Zealand citizens. You must hold the Special Category Visa and have been living in Australia for a continuous period of 5 years before the application. 189 Visa allows you to live, work and study permanently anywhere in Australia. You must be in Australia when applying and when it is granted.

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Am I eligible to apply for the 189 Visa?

Am I eligible? What are the Skill Independent Visa New Zealand Stream requirements? You may be eligible if you meet the following requirements

  • you hold the Special Category Visa (Subclass 444).
  • you have been usually resident in Australia continuously for 5 years.
  • you have a taxable income at or above the income threshold for the last four completed income years prior to lodging an application. There are exemptions to this rule.
  • you do not have any previous visa cancellations and have complied with conditions of your previous visa.
  • you meet health and character requirements.


What are the benefits of the 189 Visa?

With the 189 Visa New Zealand Stream you can

  • Live, work and study in Australia permanently
  • Sponsor eligible relatives to come to Australia
  • Travel to and from Australia for 5 years
  • Enrol in Australian public healthcare system
  • Apply for Australian citizenship if you are eligible


What are the costs of the 189 Visa?

The Department of Home Affairs visa cost of the Skilled Independent Visa is AUD $4,045.

20% of the application fee is paid at a time of lodgement and 80% as a second instalment before you grant the visa.


Processing Time

The Department of Home Affairs assesses applications on a case-by-case basis and processing time can vary from 14 to 22 months.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my family members to Australia on the 189 Visa?

Yes, you can include your family members when you apply or any time before a decision is made.

Is there any age limit for the New Zealand Stream of the Skill Independent Visa?

No, there is not an age limit for the New Zealand Stream of the subclass 189 Visa.


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