What is the Schedule 3 Criteria for Partner Visas?


If your substantive visa has expired and you either hold a bridging visa associated with another application or you are currently unlawful, you may still be able to lodge an onshore partner visa (subclass 820/801) if you can demonstrate that you meet Schedule 3 criteria.

Meeting Schedule 3 criteria allows you to apply for a partner visa onshore, rather than having to depart Australia and apply for the visa offshore.


What are the requirements of Schedule 3 to apply for a Partner Visa?

To meet Schedule 3 criteria, you must meet all of the following requirements

  • Lodging the visa application within 28 days after your last substantive visa has expired
  • Having compelling reasons for granting an onshore Partner Visa
  • Not being the holder of a substantive visa because of factors beyond your control
  • Intending to comply with any conditions subject to which a Partner Visa may be granted
  • Having been entitled to be granted a Partner Visa had you applied for the visa on the day when you last held a substantive visa
  • Having complied substantially with any conditions subject to which your last visa was granted

If any of the above criteria cannot be met, you would need to apply for a waiver of Schedule 3 on the basis of compelling and compassionate reasons.

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What are the examples of compelling reasons for waiving Schedule 3?

The Department of Home Affairs will consider your individual circumstances in deciding whether to waive Schedule 3 criteria including your personal circumstances, as well as the circumstances of another person. Some examples of compelling reasons for the waiver of Schedule 3 criteria are as follows:

  • Circumstances outside of your control e.g. severe illness or incapacity to leave Australia
  • The Australian partner’s deprivation of substantial mental, financial or other support if a Partner Visa is not processed onshore
  • Presence of an Australian child who might be adversely affected


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