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Get a permanent residency visa and stay to live and work in Australia

The holder of the Permanent Residency visa is allowed to live, work and study in Australia without any restrictions, indefinitely. During the initial 5 years of your residency, you can leave and re-enter the country unlimited number of times. You can also apply for citizenship once you meet the eligibility requirements and any children born in Australia whilst your permanent residency is valid will automatically be granted Australian citizenship by birth. Our team that consists of some of the most ambitious Immigration Lawyers and agents know that when an opportunity opens up, you let nothing stop you from taking it. Whether you have been offered a permanent employment opportunity in Australia, wish to migrate independently or wish to migrate to one of the Australian states that wants to support your permanent relocation, we are at your disposal to help you do it.

Employer sponsored visa requirements

If you are currently working for an Australian employer who has offered you a permanent position or have a permanent employment offer without working for that employer previously, you may qualify for either Employer Nominated visa (subclass 186) or Regional Skilled Migration visa (subclass 187), if your position is in a regional area. Both visas have 2 streams, namely:

  1. Temporary Residence Transition Stream – if you hold a subclass 457 or 482 visa and have worked for your employer for either 2 or 3 years (depending on the date when your visa was granted to you); or
  2. Direct Entry Stream – if you have been working with your employer for very brief period of time or not employed with them previously and meet additional requirements that apply to this stream, namely obtaining a positive skills assessment in your nominated occupation (unless exempt)

The process consists of the following 2 stages:

  1. Nomination application – namely your employer nominating your role and demonstrating that the role is a genuine and full time position that is available for at least a 2 year period
  2. Visa application – namely providing evidence of having the relevant skills and qualifications for the nominated occupation and meeting other requirements of the stream in which you apply for

General Skilled migration visa requirements

General Skilled Migration program is a points tested system and you can apply for either Skilled Independent (subclass 189) or State Sponsored (subclass 190) visa. For both visas, you are required to “collect points” from different categories, such as age, qualifications, English language, work experience etc. To qualify for the visa applicants must:

  1. Have an occupation on the relevant skilled occupation list
  2. Meet the minimum pass park of 65 points for State Sponsored visa. Minimum points for Skilled Independent visa will depend on the classification of your occupation.
  3. Obtain a positive skills assessment by the relevant skills assessing body.
  4. Have at least a competent English language ability
  5. Be under 45 years of age when invited to apply for the visa
  6. Meet certain health and character requirements

The General Skilled migration process consists of the following steps:

  1. Submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) with the Australian Government
  2. Waiting for an invitation to be issued
  3. If applying for the State Sponsored visa, submit a State sponsored application once invited to apply by the relevant State
  4. Once the invitation for either 189/190 visa is issued, submit a visa application within the given timeframe
  5. Receive an outcome on the visa application

Why choose us?

Extensive requirements are involved for an employer to nominate a skilled worker for the different streams available for this visa. Similarly, the general skilled migration consists of rigorous assessment and various stages and requirements that you need to meet. Best Immigration Lawyers can assess your eligibility and help you understand the requirements and processes involved. You can book a consultation with one of our immigration specialists who will tailor your migration pathway according to your eligibility and go through more specific requirements with you. Simplify the process by hiring our Immigration Lawyers and agents and increase your chances of obtaining permanent residency quickly and hassle-free. Contact us today to ensure a smooth visa process.

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