Best Immigration Lawyers, a division of Withstand Lawyers, comprises of senior immigration lawyers and agents who have come together from the largest law firms in Australia. Our immigration lawyers can assist you during your visa application process and prepare visa refusal reviews to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Best Immigration Lawyers is conveniently located in Sydney CBD and Parramatta.

Immigration Lawyer in Australia

Australian Immigration Law is complex and dynamic. Best Immigration Lawyers are specialised in all Australian immigration visa types. Whether you want to bring your partner or family to Australia, or searching a way to stay in Australia, our senior immigration lawyers in Parramatta and Sydney can assist you.

Immigration Lawyer in Sydney

If you live, work or study in Sydney, our immigration law offices are really close to you. We are committed to helping you find the best solution for your immigration visa application or citizenship application and will assist in finding the most appropriate solution for you.

Our immigration lawyer team is approachable and ready to assist – you can fill the contact form or call us on 0292830888 for an initial free consultation for your immigration case.

Visas that Best Immigration Lawyers offer

Get the best advice from best immigration lawyers in Australia. The visa types that we can assist you are:

Costs for Immigration Lawyer Sydney, Australia

migration agents and immigration lawyers can assist you regarding your visa application. Immigration lawyers can appear on your behalf in court whilst registered migration agents cannot. However, that does not mean that immigration lawyers are always more expensive. Each visa requires a different amount of work, time and service. Our team can find you the most affordable and fixed fee option to assist your situation. That way, you will know the cost of the process beforehand and will not be charged on an hourly rate based.

Frequently asked questions for Immigration Lawyers

What can an immigration lawyer do for you in Australia?

An immigration lawyer can prepare most documents on you or your employer’s behalf. They can also advise which documents you need to organise and which documents you need to obtain on your own from specific departments, for example, birth certificates or marriage certificates.

Immigration lawyers can also help you be sure that the information you provide when completing relevant forms, collecting relevant documents, preparing relevant statements is clear and consistent. Additionally, our senior immigration lawyers know what the Department of Home Affairs expects which may assist in avoiding possible delays.

Can immigration lawyer speed up the process?

Immigration lawyers can develop an effective strategy according to your case to speed up the process. They will work towards having your visa or citizenship application being a ‘decision ready application’ which means your visa application or citizenship will be ready for the case officer.  This can speed up the process and also increases your chances of having a successful application in a timely manner. You can read our “How Can an Immigration Lawyer Speed Up the Process?” blog for further details.

What questions to ask immigration lawyer?

During your initial assessment, our Best Immigration Lawyers team will listen to you about how you arrived in Australia, your immigration history, your family ties to Australia you’re your plans moving forward. They could check your documents, if necessary, and provide you with the best possible advice that best addresses your situation and plans moving forward. If you think you have a special case or expectations, it is better to tell our immigration lawyers during your assessment. It is very important to disclose true and accurate information to our immigration lawyers as this could change the advice and plan for your case.. You can ask our immigration lawyer what they think about your plan, intention, procedure and estimated processing time.

Where to find an immigration lawyer in Sydney?

If you are in Sydney, call us or fill our form to meet our immigration lawyers in Sydney CBD or Parramatta office.


Contact our senior Immigration Lawyers in Sydney

At Best Immigration Lawyers, we assist our clients with our senior immigration lawyers and registered agents. Our goal is to make you feel at ease and know where you stand after our consultation. We want to know that you understand our advice and know the plan moving forward. You can reach our team in Sydney. For the initial free consultation with an immigration lawyer, you can book a meeting online or call us on 0292830888.

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