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Best Immigration Lawyers, over the years we have helped people from around the globe acquire much needed documentation to come to Australia and live their dreams.We pride ourselves in our continual investment in education. The laws are changing by the minute, and our team of senior immigration lawyers and registered immigration agents never stop learning, all in order to provide our clients with the best possible immigration services in in Parramatta and Sydney


We are known country-wide for our rich theoretical and practical legal knowledge which allows us to help you deal with any challenge you may have. Our diverse team consists of utmost professionals who have extensive background in sociological and psychological studies, as well as social work. All this in combination with our proactive attitude ensures success.

Years of experience have taught us that when it comes to visa application, there is no one cookie-cutter approach. Each and every person who applies comes with a set of individual needs which result from a specific situation they find themselves in. For this reason we take our time with every single client who comes our way – we want to meet you, familiarise ourselves with your specific needs and requirements and tailor the strategy accordingly.


We understand that you may not be familiar with the legal terminology or what your legal obligations may be, so we always make sure to explain everything to our clients in the language they will be able to understand. This way not only will the process seem less abstract, you will feel more comfortable going through it, especially if this is the first time that you are hiring immigration lawyers and solicitors in Sydney.


Over the years, Top Immigration Lawyers focused on gathering a team of professional immigration lawyers and solicitors who not only have an extensive knowledge on the subject, but are also fluent in different languages. Today, we have team members who are well-versed speakers of Mandarin, Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Cantonese, Italian, Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian. This means that even if you are still not fluent in English, there will be no misunderstandings while dealing with a sensitive subject.


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    Visa types that Best Immigration Lawyers offer

    Every lawyer at Best Immigration Lawyers is focused on your needs, be it in partner visa, work visa, carer visatemporary visa and permanent residency visa. We will explain the law to you the simplest way we can. Add to that the competent, prompt and efficient way we’ll handle your case.

    Problem-Solving Lawyers for Sydney and Beyond

    If you don’t know how to face your challenges, don’t attempt to solve them by yourself, leave the complexities to the best. Especially for visa cancellations and visa refusals, we want you to experience peace of mind, and will:

    • Help you make informed decisions by simplifying legal terms,
    • Assist you as you navigate your options so you feel confident of your position in an out-of- court settlement, and
    • Employ aggressive but ethical representation to urgently protect your rights and interests if your case proceeds to court.

    We value your time and your trust. So when you’re experiencing catch 22s, we’ll make the law down-to-earth so you can make the right decisions. Are there urgent matters you need to address?

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    Our reputation as a professional, reliable and ambitious law firm, with a very high success rate of our claims, is based on our simple formula:

    Listen clearly in identifying issues

    Actually understand and not just listen whilst providing advice in the simplest terms

    Provide expert advice with utmost detail whilst ensuring client actually understand the advice

    Apply the relevant legal issue with ambition, dedication and patience.

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