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Get a permanent residency visa and stay to live and work in Australia

The holder of the Permanent Residency visa is allowed to live, work and study in Australia without any restrictions, indefinitely.

Best Immigration Lawyers know that when an opportunity opens up, you let nothing stop you from taking it. Whether you have been accepted to a post-graduate program, received an offer to conduct research at a prestigious university, or you are simply following your heart and wish to stay and live with your better half in Australia, we are at your disposal to help you do it.

What does permanent residency entail?

The holder of the Permanent Residency visa enjoys the following benefits:

  • Live in Australia indefinitely
  • Work in Australia indefinitely
  • Leave and re-enter the country unlimited number of times within the initial 5 years
  • Apply for Australian consular assistance overseas
  • Live, work, study and travel to New Zealand (Note: approval from New Zealand government is obligatory)

After 5 years of holding a permanent residency visa, you are allowed to apply for citizenship. Furthermore, if your children are born in Australia while the permanent residency visa is valid, the children get Australian citizenship by birth.

Permanent Residency Visa Requirements
  • Document collection: To obtain permanent residency, the candidate must submit their English Language Proficiency test results and skill assessment report
  • Visa selection: There are several visa categories offering permanent residency, and to determine the best one for your specific case, we advise you to get in touch with Best Immigration Lawyers for an advice.
  • Choose an occupation: To become a permanent resident, the candidate has to select an occupation from the skilled occupation list (SOL).
  • Proof of meeting health and character requirements: The candidate has to be medically fit and the assessment has to prove they are of moral character by undertaking health and character verification process.
  • Point-based system application: The candidate is required to submit Expression of Interest (including age, language, education, work experience information, etc.). Each category carries a certain number of points, and in order to qualify for the permanent residency visa, the candidate has to collect minimum 60 points.

Simplify the process by hiring Best Immigration Lawyers in NSW and increase your chances of obtaining permanent residency quickly and hassle-free.

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