What is a Subclass 590 visa?

The 590 is a temporary visa which allows you to provide care and support for a person who is below the age of 18 and a student visa holder.


What are the student 590 visa requirements & eligibility?

You must be :

  • A parent or guardian of the student, or a relative aged over 21 who has been nominated by a parent or guardian. 
  • Be able to provide accommodation, welfare and support to the student.

If in Australia, you must not have been on a 426, 403, 995, 771 or 600 visa ( in the sponsored family stream). 

You cannot be granted the visa if your children have not turned 6 years old.

graduate student, mother and father

What are the student 590 visa processing times?

40 – 70 days 


What are the student 590 visa fees?

From AUD620


How Can I Apply for a student guardian visa?

  1. Assess your eligibility with Best Immigration Lawyers to ensure you meet the visa requirements 
  2. Gather your documents for the visa application using our comprehensive and tailored checklist of documents 
  3. Lodge your Application and ensure post-lodgement requirements are arranged such as completion of medical examinations
  4. Wait for a decision 


How can I extend a student 590 visa?

The visa can be extended if you apply for a future student guardian visa. Typically this is because the student may be enrolled in a new course or still completing their course. 


What is the student visa 590 conditions?

You cannot work in Australia and you must also not leave Australia without the student unless you have compelling reasons to do so. 


Why choose Best Immigration Lawyers for your student visa?

Australia’s immigration laws are complex and everchanging. It can be challenging to discern the appropriate pathways to get the best possible outcome. Our immigration lawyers and Registered Migration Agents have significant amounts of training, expertise, and experience working with this type of visa. We will be able to streamline the process for you to ensure applications are submitted to the Department as decision-ready. 

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