What is subclass 403 visa?

The 403 visa allows a person to work in Australia under the conditions set under a bilateral agreement between the Australia government and other countries. 

There are several streams. 

  1. Government Agreement Stream: This stream allows a temporary visit to Australia under a bilateral agreement between the Commonwealth or state/territory government and the government of a foreign country. The applicant can be in or outside of Australia at the time of lodging a visa and when the visa is granted.
  2. Foreign Government Agency Stream- This is for representatives of foreign governments who do not have official status. 
  3. Domestic worker stream- This is for applicants who are the domestic worker of diplomatic visa holders. 
  4. Privileges and Immunities Stream- This is for people having the immunities under the International Organisation (Privileges and Immunities) Act, they can engage in any work or activity.
  5. Seasonal Workers- allows people to work as labourers for special industries, the program is limited to certain countries and the applicant must be invited to be part of this program. 
  6. Pacific Labour Scheme stream- allows you to come to Australia to participate in the Pacific Labour Scheme program.

What are the 403 visa benefits?

  • You can enter Australia and complete the work that you are engaged to do
  • You can leave and re-enter Australia without restriction.

What are the 403 visa requirements?

  • Have a genuine purpose to stay in Australia temporarily
  • Have sufficient financial backup and health insurance plan to support themselves and accompanying family members for the duration of stay in Australia
  • Meet health and character requirements
  • Meet the criteria of the stream under which they applied

How long does the sponsorship last?

Varies upon the stream: 

  • Government Agreement stream- up to 2 years
  • Foreign Government Agency stream- up to 4 years
  • Domestic Worker (Diplomatic or Consular) stream- up to 12 months 
  • Privileges and Immunities stream- the time you are an international representative.
  • Seasonal Worker Program stream- up to 9 months 
  • Pacific Labour Scheme stream- up to 3 years

How Can I Apply for a Temporary Work (International Relations) (Subclass 403)?

  1. Assess your eligibility with Best Immigration Lawyers to ensure you meet the visa requirements 
  2. Gather your documents for the visa application using our comprehensive and tailored checklist of documents 
  3. Lodge your Application and ensure post-lodgement requirements are arranged such as completion of medical examinations
  4. Wait for a decision 

What are the 403 visa conditions?

You cannot work in Australia unless it is relevant to the business or tasks specified in the visa application.

What is the 403 visa processing time?

  • Government Agreement stream- 22 – 40 days
  • Foreign Government Agency stream- Unavailable due to low volume of applications
  • Domestic Worker (Diplomatic or Consular) stream- Unavailable  
  • Privileges and Immunities stream- Unavailable 
  • Seasonal Worker Program stream- 6 – 10 days 
  • Pacific Labour Scheme stream- Unavailable due to the low volume of applications

What are the 403 visa fees?

  • Government Agreement stream- From AUD 310
  • Foreign Government Agency stream- From AUD 310
  • Domestic Worker (Diplomatic or Consular) stream- From AUD 310
  • Privileges and Immunities stream- Free 
  • Seasonal Worker Program stream- From AUD 310
  • Pacific Labour Scheme stream- Free 

Why choose us for your 403 visa?

Australia’s immigration laws are complex and everchanging. It can be challenging to discern the appropriate pathways to get the best possible outcome. Our immigration lawyers and Registered Migration Agents have significant amounts of training, expertise, and experience working with this type of visa. We will be able to streamline the process for you to ensure applications are submitted to the Department as decision-ready. Call us on 0292830888 or request a call back.

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