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You may be eligible for a Work Visa by skills and qualifications, sponsorship or after study in Australia. Learn your Work Visa options, eligibility and conditions in Australia. Explore different classes of Work Visas that allow you to work and stay in Australia permanently and temporarily.  

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Temporary Skill Shortage (Subclass 482) Visa TSS visa allows employers to fill labour shortages by hiring skilled workers where they cannot find in Australian. The 482 Visa can be issued for 2 years (short term stream) or 4 years (medium to long term stream).
Visa Temporary Work (Subclass 400) Temporary Work Visa allows you to work in a highly specialised job for up to 3 months in Australia. A longer period of stay of up to 6 or 12 months can be requested in exceptional circumstances.
Visa Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) Visa If you are not sponsored by an Australian employer but have a suitable skills assessment and meet the minimum points pass mark, you may obtain the 189 Visa. Skilled Independent Visa allows you to live, work and study in Australia permanently.
Nominated (Subclass 190) Visa Skilled Nominated Visa allows you to live, work and study in Australia permanently once the visa is approved. You may be eligible for the 190 Visa if you are sponsored by an Australian State or Territory government and have a suitable skills assessment including meeting the minimum points pass mark of 65 points.
Provisional – Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491) Skilled Work Regional Visa allows you to live and work in a regional or low populous area of Australia for up to 5 years. You may qualify for the Skilled Work Visa if you are nominated by an Australian State or Territory Government as a skilled worker.


Benefits of the Working Visa

With the 482 (Subclass 482) Visa you can

  • Live, work and study in Australia temporarily
  • Travel to and from Australia as many times as you want while the visa is valid
  • Apply for permanent residency if you are eligible


Work Visa Requirements

What is the Work Visa checklist? Australian Home Affairs Department makes available various of Work Visas depending on your situation. Reach us for a free initial consultation and find out which visa is suitable for you.


What happens if I get injured during the course of work?

You might claim workers compensation benefits for your injury. Workers compensation is a form of insurance to support you if you are injured or become ill in the course of employment. The compensation would primarily be weekly benefit payments for loss of earnings, medical expenses, lump sum payments, and return to work assistance. Reach a workers compensation lawyer for further information. 


Work Visa Application

Best Immigration Lawyers have offices in Parramatta and Sydney can assist you to choose the most suitable Working Visa that you can obtain and follow the whole application process for you.   The team at Best Immigration Lawyers is approachable and committed to providing a personalised service in Working Visa Australia. You can have an online meeting or face to face with our senior immigration lawyers and agents in Parramatta and Sydney. Please book a meeting online or call us on 0292830888

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