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Do you feel like you have not received what is rightfully yours? Don’t hesitate to contact Best Immigration Lawyers to get the legal help needed to contest a will.

What sets Best Immigration Lawyers apart from our competitors is our professional attitude, but also compassionate nature. We understand times are difficult after a loved one’s passing, and we are at your service to provide legal advice that will help you make peace with the devastating situation.

Reasons for contesting a will

Losing someone close to you is difficult to accept and process, thus it is at no one’s best interest to make the entire situation any more difficult than it already is. However, in some instances, it happens that people feel like it is essential to contest a will. At Best Immigration Lawyers, we have helped people contest a will when:

  • They felt like the will has been tampered with
  • They believed a more recent will has been created than the one presented upon the loved one’s passing
  • Improper provisions have been made for loved ones
  • The contents of the will are believed to be incorrect due to a deceased’s mental illness
Who is eligible to contest a will

Over the years, we have helped beneficiaries involved in the will challenge it, but also people who were left out of this legal document, but believed they were entitled to certain contents of the will. A person can contest a will if they are:

  • A deceased’s spouse
  • A deceased’s child
  • A deceased’s former spouse
  • A person that has at any point been dependant upon the deceased
  • A member of the deceased’s household
  • A deceased’s grandchild who was at any point dependant upon the deceased
  • A person who has shared a personal relationship with the deceased at any point
What a person contesting a will is entitled to

The contents of each will are unique, and the outcome of the legal process differs from one case to another.

What a person contesting a will or an estate has to do first is determine whether they meet the criteria for an “eligible person”. If you are unsure whether you are entitled to contest a will, feel free to get in touch with our lawyers and solicitors. We will set the date for the meeting where you can share the details of your case. Based on all the facts, our legal professional will explain whether or not you are eligible to contest a will and the reasons behind it. If you meet the criteria, Best Immigration Lawyers will advise you on the steps that should be taken in order to win the case.

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