Withstand Lawyers will stand with you when domestic violence shakes your family. Our law firm’s team of compassionate lawyers are among the best Family Lawyers in Sydney. Also, Withstand Lawyers can assist you in your application for a protection order or when you need a lawyer to defend a restraining order application.

Relationships can suffer from various stressful situations which can in turn produce conflicts, tension and violence. Resolving the underlying causes of the stressful situations which cause a person to engage in conflict, experience tension and exhibit violent behaviour is primordial.

Family lawyers can be helpful when any of the above events happen at home between persons who are under the same roof. Often, couples who are either married or in a de facto relationship begin to exhibit violence and other adverse behaviours when the relationship falls apart. What is the best recourse?

The Stats On Domestic Violence

In 2005, 16,400 Australian adults participated in a study conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The survey named Personal Safety Survey concluded that women rather than men are more exposed to domestic violence in their homes. Other findings showed

  • A little less than half a million women said that they had been physically or sexually assaulted in the past twelve months
  • More than 1 million females had been assaulted physically and sexually by either a current or ex male partner from the age of 15
  • 37.8% of those who were physically assaulted in the 12 months prior to the survey reported that the assailant was a current or ex male partner, while 34.4% reported that the assailant was a male member of the family or friend. It was also found that most of the assaults against women were perpetrated in the home (64.1%)

Men are also not shielded from domestic violence. In the same study, most of the violence perpetrated against males is committed by other males. Among those who said that they were victims of physical violence in the twelve months prior to the study, 73.7% reported that the assailant was a male.

(Source: Department of Families, Housing and Community Affairs Fact Sheet 2 Women’s Safety).

Domestic Violence Family Lawyer

When domestic violence happens, both the alleged perpetrator and the alleged victim must seek legal assistance in order to protect their rights. Expert advice from lawyers as well as representation matter greatly in order to ascertain that needs are met and rights are protected.

Generally, a lawyer can appear for both applicants and respondents and seek in their behalf for the issuance of intervention orders, domestic violence orders and AVOs. For respondents, lawyers can extend their service by dealing with the criminal aspect of domestic violence, such as when there is a need to address a breach of order or child arrangements and property disputes, among others.

Family lawyers can do a host of services to protect their clients, among them are

  • the application for a protection order
  • the registration of interstate protection orders
  • modifying the terms of a subsisting protection order
  • defending restraining order applications
  • defending protection order applications

When domestic violence happens in your family, know the first steps to ensure that you have the best legal advice you can get from a family lawyer.

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