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When you suffer an injury at work during the course of your employment, you are eligible for workers compensation

When you get injured at your workplace, whether or not you are responsible for the accident or not, you are entitled to a workers compensation claim. In Australia, anyone who is assessed at 15% whole person impairment is encouraged to contact a legal professional and discuss their rights regarding a payout which would cover their financial losses caused by the accident.

At Best Immigration Lawyers, we have experience handling accidents which occur at a workplace. Over the years we have helped many injured workers receive compensations that covered all of their medical expenses and financial losses.

How to apply

The application for a workers compensation claim starts with you reporting to your employer and doctor. Additionally, it may be necessary to complete a Work Injury Claim Form that you send to your employer. Next, your employer is obliged to notify an insurance company within no more than 7 days.

You can expect the insurance company representative to contact you to inform you of their decision regarding your claim. If the insurance company representative decides to deny your application, your next step would be to get in touch with workers compensation lawyer to discuss your specific case.

What you are entitled to

In Australia, workers compensation is a no-fault system, therefore you are eligible to apply for a worker’s compensation claim even if you are the one responsible for the accident. If you have suffered an injury at the workplace, you are entitled to receive one or more of the following:

  • Financial help to cover the financial loss caused by the inability to go to work. The amount will cover the wages you will not receive during the course of your rehabilitation.
  • Financial help to cover all medical, hospital, travel and rehabilitation expenses which were necessary because of the accident which occurred.
  • Financial help to cover for the domestic assistance, aids and special equipment needed because of the accident which occurred.
  • Lump sum compensation for the injuries. A person who is assessed over 10% whole person impairment by an Independent Medical Examination receives compensation payment which varies in accordance with the percentage you receive.
Legal costs

At Best Immigration Lawyers, a person applying for a worker’s compensation claim is not expected to pay for their legal expenses surrounding this case. The entire legal fee will be covered by the WIRO (Workers Independent Review Office). In the case of common law claims, you are also not the one who has to pay for legal expenses. However, bear in mind that our disbursements and legal fees are going to be deducted after the case is finished. All our compensation lawyers fees will be covered if you receive workers compensation.

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