No matter if you were a pedestrian, a cyclist, or a driver of a motor vehicle, you are entitled to compensation. When you were not the party who caused the accident but have as a consequence suffered mental, physical or financial damages, it is best to seek legal counsel who will instruct you on what to do next to compensate for the losses.

The legal procedure

In order to submit a pedestrian accident claim, you need to get in touch with compensation lawyers. At Best Immigration Lawyers, we arrange an introductory meeting with all clients who come our way to discuss the specifics of their case and steps that need to be taken to ultimately win the compensation.

When the one at fault cannot be determined

We first aim to determine the person or the vehicle at fault. If you are the victim of a hit and run, we will still build a strong case to cover you for your injuries and losses. We will nominate an insurance company and continue with the same procedure as in any other case where the person or a vehicle at fault was determined.

If you are at fault

When you are the person at fault, you are advised to fill in an Accident Notification Form through the State Insurance Regulatory Authority and claim to receive up to $5,000. The sum you receive should cover all or a part of your treatment expenses or the loss of income. If you have a CTP Insurance Policy, get in touch with them to discuss whether you are entitled to receive a higher amount.

What you are entitled to

Here is what the compensation covers:

  • Past and future treatment expenses. If your doctor prescribes any treatments you are obliged to undergo due to an accident, they should be fully covered by the compensation. Treatments include psychotherapy and any physical treatment which was deemed reasonable and necessary.
  • Past and future domestic assistance expenses. If as a result of an accident you required domestic assistance, compensation will cover all costs.
  • Financial losses. If you have experienced a loss of income due to your inability to work and perform your daily obligations, the compensation will cover. A pedestrian accident compensation covers only financial losses which were the result of the accident.
  • Loss of opportunity. Quite often an injured victim of a pedestrian accident is forced to reduce their work capacity and are in that case entitled to claim for the future loss of income.
  • Pain and suffering. If an Independent Medical Examination determines that injuries reach over 10% whole person impairment, a person who is not at fault has the legal right to claim damages for pain and suffering.

Our compensation lawyers promise to focus all of their attention on your pedestrian accident compensation claim – contact us to find out what you are entitled to.

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