Asbestos & Mesothelioma Compensation Lawyers in NSW

If you have been diagnosed with asbestos- or mesothelioma-related disease, hire compensation lawyers to help you get the financial help you are entitled to

Asbestos is an effective insulating agent commonly used in construction as a building insulation material in the 20th century. With this fibrous mineral, people are known to develop a disease 15 to 50 years after the exposure.

If you have been diagnosed with asbestos or a related dust disease, don’t hesitate but apply to receive compensation. No matter if you are already retired or not if your previous employer is still present at the company you worked for or has long left his position, you are entitled to the asbestos compensation.

Who is eligible

Asbestos and related diseases can have extreme consequences on the quality of your life. Furthermore, not only can a disease break you mentally and physically, it will greatly affect your financial state due to expensive treatments you need to undergo.

Whether or not you have earned the right to make a compensation claim depends on the specific circumstances in which you were exposed to asbestos.

At work

If the exposure occurred at your workplace, you are eligible to make a claim in negligence against your employer, or a former employer, the occupier of the site where you were exposed to asbestos or the manufacturer of the product containing asbestos.

Outside work

If you were exposed to asbestos outside your workplace, you can make a claim against the manufacturer of the product containing asbestos. Outside work, people are most commonly exposed to asbestos during a home renovation project.

What you are entitled to

If you win a case and receive asbestos compensation, you are entitled to:

  • Weekly payments of compensation which are set to cover medical expenses through the Dust Diseases Authority of NSW
  • Lump sum compensation through the Dust Diseases Tribunal of NSW
Best asbestos compensation lawyers

Owing to our years of industry work, Best Immigration Lawyers had the opportunity to handle a number of asbestos compensation claims. We have helped many people win cases against their former employees and asbestos manufacturers which were responsible for the development of a related disease.

Each case comes with a set of challenges, so we encourage you to get in touch after receiving a diagnosis to discuss the details of your specific situation. Whether or not you are entitled to asbestos compensation can depend on a number of factors, and the person or the company to blame can only be determined after one of our compensation lawyers carefully reviews your case.

Don’t allow an asbestos or a related disease affect the quality of your life and ruin your retirement. Best Immigration Lawyers are at your service to help you build a strong case against your former employee and win asbestos compensation.

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