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Obtain The Temporary Work (Skilled) visa and get a chance to live and work in Australia

The Temporary Work (Skilled) visa is intended to enrich the Australian labour market by allowing skillful employees from around the world to enter the country and provide services otherwise unavailable in Australia.

Best Immigration Lawyers aim to help people who want to arrive in Australia to find work for the duration of 2 years (24 months). One of the benefits that come with The Temporary Work (Skilled) visa includes the fact that the visa holder is allowed to bring their family members along. They are allowed to study or work in Australia, as well as leave and re-enter the country as long as the visa is valid.

The Temporary Work (Skilled) visa applicants are allowed to:
  • Select a sponsor on their own
  • Establish a company to act as a sponsor (applicable for as long as there is a genuine need for that position)
The Temporary Work (Skilled) visa application process and requirements

Before submitting an official visa application form, the following is expected from the candidate:

  • To check Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) and find a position they are looking to fill with their expertise.
  • The applicant is required to meet the minimal requirements cited for that position.
  • To list the genuine and approved business they are applying to work for.
The Temporary Work (Skilled) visa benefits
  • Short lodging period
  • Recognition of past work experience
  • Lower fees (in comparison to other Australian work visas)
Application process

In order to be granted The Temporary Work (Skilled) visa, the candidate is expected to go through three different stages. With Best Immigration Lawyers, you do not have to worry about its complexity and the amount of paperwork that needs to be filled. We are at your service to guide you step by step through the following:

  • Selecting Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS)
  • Nominating an employee
  • Applying for the visa
  • Why choose us

    Best Immigration Lawyers intend to help both the country and the hard-working overseas employees. Our team of immigration lawyers and immigration agents in Sydney continually work on enriching their education to be able to help candidates obtain The Temporary Work (Skilled) visa in the shortest period of time possible, completely hassle-free.

    Set up a meeting with Best Immigration Lawyers to find out everything about the application process. Arrive in Australia with your family and enjoy all the benefits of the position you are sponsored to fill.

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